mercredi 24 novembre 2010

old dude the research

Research and finalisation of a caricatural character 
sketching, modeling, texturing, shading/lighting
Done during my 2nd year of 3D conceptor studies

lundi 22 novembre 2010

kichwa the matte painting 04

kichwa the matte painting 03

kichwa the matte painting 02

kichwa the matte painting 01

Concerning the matte painting we wanted to make them
sketchy, with the mark of the brush and a few détails

kichwa the color keys

kichwa the research 08

And the last one, Athanagore, 
 lab assistant and also  computer engineer

kichwa the research 07

Here is Coralie, the girl of the team and also its botanist

kichwa the research 06

The second one is McCormick the leader of the expedition
an old dodger as encompass as rock

kichwa the research 05

If the Incas are the main character of the film, the reason of all the story 
come from the chronautes (formerly chrononautes).
They are some kind of time travelers scientist, and the first one is Yuri,
a Slavic historian .

dimanche 21 novembre 2010

kichwa the research 04

kichwa the research 03

kichwa the research 02

Atze, the main character of the short

kichwa the research 01

The short movie is about, the introduction of an 
anachronistic object in an ancient and a bit mysterious civilization.
We wanted to show that Incas were stubborn and very angular, 
like there architecture

kichwa the poster

I'm a young freelance 3D/CGI artist
I've just been graduated in 3D & Animation in Montpellier FRANCE
In the way to enter the bloggosphere and to show my work ( tell your friend !) 
I will begin by the research that I've done on my student short film KICHWA
In this film I've mainly work on the creation of the graphic universe
that encompass character design, color keys, matte painting and texturing 
but I've also made some modeling, shading, lighting, facial rigging and layout